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153 Deconstructed Trading (Pty) ltd. Reg Number: 2014/258267/07. ----- Grown out of the Telecoms industry and many years of successful ventures in groundbreaking and disruptive technologies, we are proud to bring to market our specialised skills and experience. Our background allows us to tackle complicated problems and develop solutions that are robust, simple and affordable. Our clients range from Enterprise to the Man In The Street. At 153 we treat our Passions with care and NEVER tackle any project if there is not a healthy component of fun involved! Since 1997 (Gap IT days) we have steadily grown to a specialised group of collaborators that enable us to develop solutions in various fields including Telecoms, VoIP, Data Management and the sourcing and supply of IT related hardware. Our founding member is the adorable Matt Shrives and that should say it all.

  • Matching needs with the correct solutions

  • Relevant and available technology

  • Simplicity = Robust & Cost effective

  • Doing ONLY what we Love & having Fun at it!

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