May 15, 2016

Mobile Data

  1. You also GATVOL of paying excessive
    prices for your Mobile Data ?




 | Month to Month – No long term Contract |

(All packages consist of ANYTIME DATA except where indicated)

NEW SoftCap bundles for 2018

  • 40GB SoftCap @ R499pm –
  • 60GB SoftCap @ R599pm –
  • 100GB SoftCap @ R799pm
  • 200GB SoftCap @ R1399pm

( Out of bundle rates at ONLY R25/GB)


Your R499/ R599 / R799 / R999 or R1699 pm gives you a Gigantic bundle of Anytime DATA on our Sim Card

You can insert the SIM Card into a LTE (or 3G) Wi-Fi router and access it via Wi-Fi with ALL your devices such as your phones, laptops, iPads, Game Consoles etc.

We supply you with our Sim Card and you have 20GB / 40GB/ 60GB / 100GB/200GB available to share between your devices!

Larger customised hybrid packages are also catered for, please contact [email protected]

Think about it, a movie is normally about 750Mb size. You will be able to download 50 movies a month with 40GB! Good luck, LOL… you are going to be VERY busy. More than enough for the entire family and/or co-workers to share! And then there is the 40GB/100GB/200GB / and Bigger Packages on Request!

Naturally, there must be Telkom network coverage for the sim card to operate. Telkom LTE, 3G or you can roam on MTN towers.


The Catch


Basic Information

  • No Long Term Contract. Yes! Month to Month …. so no credit vetting.
  • There MUST be coverage from Telkom towers! – If you want the Sim Card, you should check Coverage in Step 2 on the previous page … OK?
  • You MUST use an LTE or at least a 3G Modem or Router for the Sim Card. More info on this is via the links in the website Header or just below the STEPS on the previous page
  • There is an additional R100 sim card activation & R100 delivery cost (outer-luing areas may be up to R300) in your Initial Month.
  • Once you have signed-up, sent us all your docs and paid your first invoice we will send your sim via our door to door courier service! – It may be a “Next Business day” Courier service. If you are not in a big city please allow for an extra day or two.
  • Once we have received your payment kindly allow 48 Hours for provisioning the sim card before shipping.
  • We require a Debit Order but your initial invoice should be paid by EFT please! – Monthly EFT is allowed on request!
  • Should you wish to cancel, we will be sad! … BUT hey, just email [email protected] we require a calendar months notice 30 days minimum ( ends the end of the following month) and we will remove your account from the debit order run! (We will send our couriers to collect the sim card at our own expense as a confirmation of cancellation)
  • Data consumed above the allocated Data Bundle is charged at the ruling price from Telkom Mobile – R25/GB on SoftCap
  • Please do visit the FAQ page for more details and feel free to ask as many questions as you wish.
  • You should really also read the T’s&C’s. Come on then… it’s not as long winded as the normal stuff!

We would love to hear from you!


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