April 5, 2017

Notice Board

July 2018 Announcement regarding


June 2018 Announcement regarding

New BOOM! Products launched.

BOOM for home and Office
BOOM for complexes

Terms and Condition –

Some clarification regarding the ACTUAL product/Service offered.
An announcement will later be made about the impending legislation around Data notifications and Roll-over.

May 2018 Announcement regarding Midnight to 7am Data.


Telkom announced that the Midnight to 7am Data sim (that we have supplied FREE to certain packages and as a stand alone product ), is now being discontinued.
It was hinted that it will be integrated into some new packages at a later stage.
153  Mobile will  remain vigilant and will keep an eye out for further developments.

         Notice was placed on MyBroadband  — www.mybroadband


December 2017 new PROMOTION:

  • SoftCap Options – new
  • 40GB SoftCap @ R499pm
  • 60GB SoftCap @ R599pm
  • 100GB SoftCap @ R799pm
  • 200GB SoftCap @ R1399pm
  • Out of bundle rates at R25/GB FREE Limited offer:
    Get a second Telkom sim with UNCAPPED data ( Midnight to 7am ) with any of the 60,100 or 200GB packages above. (Withdrawn)

AUGUST 2017 PROMOTION: (ongoing until further notice – Discontinued May 2018)

500GB sim for Midnight to 7am users.

  • Bolt-on for current  clients     @ R150pm (30cents/GB).
  • Stand Alone product                 @ R350pm (70cent/GB)
    This product is offered on its own sim card and will not impact on
    your current Internet data usage!
    Valid from day of activation for 30 days –
    PURE Pre Paid basis!
    (NO Contract – 30 days cancellation notice.. see our standard  T&C’s )

13 August 2017

August Top up Specials!

  • 20GB @ R699 = R35/GB  (R200 Discount)
  • 40 GB @ R999 = R25/GB (R600 Discount)

12 August 2017

SPRING 2017 PROMOTION: Telkom Network

Telkom 6 Months in advance (T&C’s apply. Limited offer)

  • 40GB @ R499pm ( 6 x up front payment ) Save R600
  • 60GB @ R699pm ( 6 x up front payment ) Save R600
  • 100GB @ R899pm ( 6 x up front payment ) Save R600
  • 200GB @ R1399pm ( 6 x up front payment ) Soft Cap  —- SAVE R3,600.00! – Over usage (out of bundle rates ONLY R13.99/GB!)



Business Packages:
Vodacom Business ( 12 Month inc router )

UNCAPPED (Symmetrical = same up & Down speed)

  • 4Mbps Uncapped – Once off R1099 and then R2250pm x 12
  • 10Mbps Uncapped – Once off R1099 and then R2650pm x 12
  • 20Mbps Uncapped – Once off R1099 and then R3999pm x 12
  • 40Mbps Uncapped – Once off R1099 and then R7050pm x 12
  • 80Mbps Uncapped – Once off R1099 and then R13500pm x 12

9 June 2017

60GB @ R799pm is available.
You cannot create a Hot Spot on an APPLE device with a Telkom sim card.
NEW ! -> 20GB @ R499pm from 1st of July 2017

10 May 2017

New REDUCED Top-Up costs implemented.

8 GB    @ R399 = ~R49/GB
12 GB  @ R599 = ~R49/GB
20GB   @ R899 = ~R44/GB
40 GB  @ R1599 = ~R39/GB – not AVAILABLE ON on MTN
100GB  @ R3299  = ~R32/GB – not AVAILABLE ON on MTN
Over usage(existing 70GB package only)  @ R60/GB no top ups and max 10GB over usage- we reserve the right to terminate. Can only activate again as hard caps!
MTN top ups at R125/GB contact us via email to arrange this.

21 April 2017


We are pleased to announce that the migration to the new Telkom Commercial Platform is completed. A few final replacement sims are being couriered to clients. – Reboot and check APN=telkominternet please – Report any problems to [email protected]

14/15 April 2017


Some technical errors and late adopters cause a slight delay in full completion.
Technical Errors: -> A few sims failed to register and is still active but have no data associated.
The Fix: -> 153 Mobile will deactivate these sims and issue brand new sims as a replacement.
How can this process be sped up?: -> Clients may obtain a Pay as you Go sim from a local shop and send a photo of the front and back of the si to [email protected] ( Sims must Not be RICA’d !!!! )-
The alternative is for us to issue the sim and courier it to you. Please communicate ASAP with [email protected]  should your current sim still have no Internet data.

Please note:  During the process of migration, we observed a few clients’routers had defaulted to the incorrect Profile/ APN settings. Please make 100% sure that the settings are correct   APN = telkominternet


5 April 2017


Telkom systems error on mass migration – Telkom is and has been working on fixing the fault since 1 April 2017

We will communicate all Telkom errors via our notice board for your information.
( Some posts will also be done on our Facebook Page https://web.facebook.com/153Deconstructed/ )