September 28, 2016


… just a quick heads up

When you see: “Hard Capped” it means that the connection will terminate when you have used all the data. You may top-up
IMPORTANT: =>  This does NOT guarantee that the service will stop. The networks do not guarantee this and it may in certain cases happen that the CAP is reached and the data continues. In such cases, the subscriber remains liable for the over-usage at the rates for Out of Bundle Data as stipulated by Telkom

Telkom Network ( Commercial Network  with APN = telkominternet )

  • 20GB anytime data   @ R499pm  (R24.95 per GB ) From July 2017
  • 40GB anytime data   @ R599pm  (R14.97 per GB )
  • 60Gb anytime data   @ R799pm   (R13.31 per GB)
  • 100GB anytime data @ R999pm   (R9.99 per GB)
  • 200GB anytime data @ R1999pm (R9.99 per GB)

MTN Network

  • 20GB —- R1,250PM 
  • 40GB —-R1,650PM 

Multi Sim card option: Available on Telkom packages ONLY

Once Off Sim & connection fee is:  R100/ initial and Additional Sim ( max = 4 sims in addition to the 1st sim that is included with the package)

Monthly sim charge is R50.00 per month/sim for additional sim cards

Top Ups

Process:  – kindly send an email request for top ups to You will then get an invoice. Email proof of payment back and your Top Up will be live shortly!

Top-Ups on all above (excluding the EXISTING 70GB package that allows for “over usage” & MTN)

5GB @ R399 = ~R79/GB
● 12 GB @ R599 = ~R49/GB
● 20GB @ R899 = ~R44/GB
● 40 GB @ R1599 = ~R39/GB – not AVAILABLE ON on MTN
● 100GB @ R3299  = ~R32/GB – not AVAILABLE ON on MTN
Over usage(existing 70GB package only)  @ R60/GB no top ups and max 10GB over usage- we reserve the right to terminate. Can only activate again as hard caps!
MTN top ups at R125/GB contact us via email to arrange this.


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