BOOM! for complexes

100% FREE INTERNET For your complex


The GREATEST INTERNET Deal in South Africa Designed for closed communities (Blocks of Flats etc.) – Minimum of 50 units. 153 Offers you:
Cost of Cabling to every unit (repurposing CAT5 data cable) – NIL, –  Cost of Routers to manage the network on site – NIL —  Cost of Fibre Lines – Installation/rental/monthly access fees – NIL
FIBRE backbone

❖ 100% Download and 50% upload (of indicated speed)
❖ No Shaping/Throttling (except peer to peer services during working hours)
❖ Fair Usage Policy on Uncapped – 300GB thereafter speed reduce to 2Mbps (FUP is in place to ensure all users get the best possible experience)
❖ No Installation cost
❖ No monthly line rentals
❖ Data bundles have no time limit!
❖ 153 Fixed will install, manage and supply the solution at NIL cost to the complex.
❖ Wi Fi Router at only R599 once off. (Optional – ONLY if occupant wants to participate)

2 Mbps – FREE UNCAPPED (Suitable for WhatsApp, email, Basic Internet browsing)

Individual occupants may select from the options below
* Monthly option UNCAPPED
* Data bundles CAPPED


4 Mbps @ R500pm – Uncapped
10 Mbps @ R700pm – Uncapped
20 Mbps @ R900pm – Uncapped
40 Mbps @ R1200pm – Uncapped
100 Mbps @ R1600pm – Uncapped

50GB @ R250 – Data with No Time Limit
100GB @ R450- Data with No Time Limit
200GB @ R850 – Data with No Time Limit
300GB @ R1050 – Data with No Time Limit
Speeds are at max up to 100Mbps

Should you require more information please contact:
[email protected]