Events Wi-Fi

Temporary Internet Access

for Commercial and Emergency Deployment

Complete Solution In a Box Simple “Plug & Play” deployment
[Secure Internet Access (SIA – industry-standard solution]

Latest B818 Data Router with MIMO (Multiple In Multiple Out)
The selected number of Wi-Fi Mesh RANGE EXTENDER NODES
(Seamless hand-over between Nodes – with MIMO )
External booster antenna on tripod stand
Extension power cables and power adaptors


3 Node rental — R 3,500 per day
4 Node rental — R 4,500 per day
5 Node rental — R 5,500 per day

Rental Contract Options:
5 days minimum
6 months — 10% Discount on monthly rental
12 months — 20% Discount on monthly rental

Benefits of contract:
* 100% guarantee of availability
* 10% – 20% discount on rental invoice


Kindly consult and select with us at 153 mobile before you make this decision.

4G/LTE — Telkom / Vodacom SoftCap option
4G/LTE –  MTN HardCap option – Used as Emergency SIM


3 Node package               R 10,000
4 Node package               R 12,500
5 Node package               R 15,000


Rental and deposits to be paid in advance and on presentation of invoice.
Extended stays payable on return of package and on presentation of invoice.
Banking details on invoices.
Deposits may be used to offset invoices on rental AND data.

Refundable deposits may be used to off-set outstanding balances:
3 Node package               R 10,000
4 Node package               R 12,500
5 Node package               R 15,000

Courier Services to and from site – requires a separate quote

To Avoid Costly Delays
Where Couriers are arranged by 153.co.za, the Pick-up address and contact details must be clearly indicated on application with easy access and availability to the premises. Strict allowance of 2 days, 1 workday before and 1 after the event booking dates will apply ONLY for bookings during week days and during the operating hours of 9am – 4.30pm. Additional Rental costs will be strictly incurred for any days not provided in the above allowances.
No shipping or release of equipment will be executed without proof of payment and clearance of funds in our bank.

INSURANCE: Onus is on Client for the following:
End-user to ensure the supplied package is comprehensively insured.
Protection against power surges must be installed by the user. (lightning damage, power fluctuations, etc)
Any and all costs may be recuperated from deposits for any missing and / or damages to the supplied equipment. Should the amount not be sufficient and cover the cost, a cash-on-demand invoice will be issued for immediate payment.

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