NB – fault finding at the bottom of the page – pls refer for Quick Fix solutions!

Q. What speeds do these offer?

A. LTE speeds, but must then be used by a router capable of such speed.
The network supplies LTE coverage as well as 3G. –
LTE typically 20Mbps and upwards (according to Telkom website) and
3G will give up to 20Mbps download speeds. (please do read the section
under NOTES below with regards to Fair Usage Policy – FUP)
We recommend the following link for Speed Tests

Q. Does this include a Router/Modem?

A. No. You can purchase your own Wi-Fi Router .
As there is no contract, we cannot provide a free Router/Modem
for your Sim Card.
Please check our website for some Modem/Router options. Click HERE
We strongly advise getting your hardware from us as there are many devices out there that
claims to work but supplies inferior service AND, we cannot warrant that our Sim Cards
will function as well as they can on such devices!
The Sign-UP form allows you to select HARDWARE ( router ) if you wish to purchase from us.

Q. Will I get good coverage and reception?

A. The coverage with regards to Telkom SIM (Telkom LTE and 3G coverage)
may not be available in your area.

Wireless coverage can be checked at: http://www.telkom.co.za/coverage/

It is your responsibility to ensure that there is coverage where you may need the services.

Q. How do I apply for the service?

A. You will need to complete a simple application form Click HERE (No contract and no credit vetting).
You must have a legal and current banking account if you wish to pay monthly via Debit Order.
Debit orders. Deductions is on the 1st day of the month unless public holidays prevent this. Clients will be contacted should dates change ( ie. December payments may be prior or after the 1st of January)
EFT is welcomed ( can be selected on the Sign-Up form under the Banking details section.
Monthly invoices are sent via email on the 25th day of the month
You will need to email us Supporting Documents and keep copies to be used by the courier for physical
RICA when the Sim Card is delivered. Please read the Ts&Cs for detail about these documents!

Q. When and how do the billing and activation occur?

A. Once the 1st month of subscription is received via EFT,  the Sim and if applicable the hardware you
selected will be activated and dispatched.
Once the initially invoiced payment is received, we require 48 working hours to provision the Sim Card before
it is dispatched. Please read the Terms and Conditions with regards to this.
Sim cards are sent via courier at a cost of R100 per delivery to main cities and up to R300 to outer-lying areas. (including hardware and up to 5 sim cards)- in addition, there is a once off Sim activation fee of R100
and will be included with your 1st-month subscription as shown on your 1st invoice.
Subscriptions can ONLY be for a full month and if you request activation during the course of the month,
the full month of Data allocation and the full month of subscription is done irrespective of the day of the month.
There is No carry-over data provided for and, every beginning of the month the previous month’s leftover data
is deleted and farm-fresh data caps are loaded. Please read ACTUAL PRODUCT section of the Terms and Conditions.

Q. Can I cancel at any time?

A. There is no long term contract and all access to data bundles is purchased on a Month to Month basis.
All cancellations given prior to the END of a month will result in termination of services at the end of the following month.
Non-payment will result in termination of services.
Should you wish to cancel for a period of time and intend to continue sometime in the future, a new application will be required to join again.
PLEASE do let us know if this is a problem or your sim will be deactivated! – A sim that is suspended will incur a once of R100 for activation again.

Need a Custom or bigger package from 1000GB up to 10,000GB’s please mail [email protected]

Q. How do I change the APN Settings on my device? 

VODACOM devices:  Click HERE 
Select other Vodacom devices here

APN settings for Huawei E5330:  Click HERE  (Opens a PDF )

Notes & Quick Fixes / Setup information.

Some devices require you to create a NEW Profile, then SAVE it and then SELECT it and SET it as a Default Profile! —

Step 1. – Make sure the router is on and sim inserted

Step 2. – Search for the Hot-Spot via Wi-Fi and log on using your password ( some routers have a pre-set password appearing on the actual router)

Step 3. – Open a browser page and insert the IP address of the router ( also found either on the router or in the instruction manual or — use Google to find it.
Or you can try any of these:   or   or ( works for most routers)

Step 4. – The web page you will see is that of the router’s and here you have to create a New Profile — at the top right hand should be a “log-in” click and use “admin” and “admin” as Username and password ( You can change this later or if you have done so and forgotten the password, the router can be re-set to factory default )

Step 5. – Find the APN settings ( try to click on “settings”  routers are all different ! ) — You may be presented with a “Profile” and the APN setting will be under that – Sometimes you have to create a New Profile and with some devices like D-Link, you may then need to select it as your Default Profile — The correct APN is: (Pls get this from 153 Mobile)  and ABSOLUTELY no other settings must be changed Unless there is a field for “Dial-up string that is *99#

Step 5. Save these settings and after the router has done a re-boot, you should be 100% set to surf!

EMAIL: SMTP to smtp.saix.net and leave the POP settings as it is!
Make sure your security levels are not on HIGH, it may prevent incoming emails!

Any more questions?

Call Brits on 0839631238 or mail [email protected]

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