T’s & C’s

The subscriber: Is the applicant for the services and or products described in the online application form also referred to as the sign-up form and may be referred to as the client.

153 Mobile is: 153 Mobile (Pty) Ltd, a South African registered company

The Agreement: The application (sign-up form), the terms and conditions below and the FAQ on this website form a binding agreement between the subscriber and 153 Mobile (Pty) ltd.

Initial payments to be made via EFT with Proof of payment to accounts@153.co.za > Subsequent payments will be by Debit Orders and the subscriber agree to and instruct his/her bank to allow this uninterruptedly until given notice in writing to 153 Mobile (Pty) Ltd via email to cancellations@153.co.za. It is furthermore agreed that the amount as per the package selected on the online application form, will be deducted from the account, with detailed supplied on the online application form. Such will be deducted on the first day of the month. All costs incurred due to debit orders not being paid will be for the account of the account holder without any claims against 153 Mobile (Pty) Ltd and will be added to the next debit order if not settled via EFT by the subscriber. Where the debit order details are different to the subscriber details, the subscriber confirms that the banking details and the signatory to the debit order instruction is accurate and that the subscriber has full authorization from the account holder to offer such a debit order instruction to 153 Mobile (Pty) ltd for the services and or products being applied for in the name of the subscriber.
Subscribers may request EFT monthly payments. Such payments must be received before or on the last day of the preceding the month that services are required. Sim cards that are suspended due to late or non-payment will incur an R100 activation fee.

Ownership of the Sim Card supplied: The ownership of the physical Sim Card remains with 153 Mobile (Pty) Ltd.

The actual Product:
Access to the data associated with the Sim card, is the actual product being paid for.
(For clarity: If one books a hotel room for 5 nights, one pays for the use of the room and not the contents. Should one only use the room for two of the nights, one cannot claim the “unused” portion back nor can you use it (roll over) some time in the future. You are thus paying for ACCESS  in order to USE the content on offer ie. the privacy,bed,bathroom,tv etc.)
The infrastructures of the mobile network is at best effort.
153 Mobile is not responsible for the mobile network, it’s infrastructures or workings.

Data Usage Tracking: Clients must access the Data Counter on their router/modem to see the usage. Please note that you need to zero the counter at the beginning of the month or it will add last month’s usage! 153 Mobile does not offer an online tracking for data usage for individual sim cards. You may email support@153.co.za and request your data usage.

Cancellations: All cancellations require a full calendar months notice as terms and conditions required by the underlying carrier networks.  Therefore any cancellation received in the current month will only be cancelled at the end of the following calendar month. All cancellations MUST be received in writing via email -> cancellations@153.co.za – Please request a confirmation of Cancellation Date to avoid any dispute. Any cancellations received during a month will result in termination at the end of the subsequent month.

FUP ( Fair Usage Policy)

153 Mobile broadband is unshaped and unthrottled for almost all applications. These include email, browsing, streaming traffic like video, music, YouTube, AppleTV, Box Office, Netflix, VPN, VOIP, real-time online gaming, backups and gaming downloads. For these, you will never be shaped or throttled. This means consumers will enjoy the full benefit of 153’s Mobile Data experience with Telkom’s LTE & MTN’s 3G mobile networks. However, Telkom & MTN’s peer-to-peer FUP (fair usage policy) ONLY applies to Torrent traffic via peer-to-peer and newsgroup protocols (NNTP) during specific times.

Peer-to-peer traffic users will be throttled between 6 am – midnight and will only be unthrottled on the speeds between Midnight – 6 am which is Telkom & MTN’s off-peak period on the network. Full connection speeds will be maintained during off-peak periods for peer-to-peer traffic.

The speed throttling of peer-to-peer traffic has been affected to ensure that Telkom and MTN maintain a good user experience for all users on their respective base stations and that Telkom and MTN’s network performance during peak network periods is not compromised.

Best Effort Service

It is emphatically stated that the network(s) we are using, the infrastructure responsible for the transit of data and the maintenance and its management, is NOT in the hands of 153 Mobile. The subscriber agrees that the service is offered as a best effort service and that 153 Mobile is not or will not be held responsible for the availability and or up-time in the infrastructure. The client is purchasing access to a certain data bundle from 153 Mobile and that is the only responsibility that 153 Mobile will carry, to ensure the availability of the data bundle within the scope of and under applicable terms and conditions as stipulated herein. The connection to the Internet via the Telkom or MTN network remains the responsibility of these networks and 153 Mobile has no direct or indirect influence on the performance or the stability of said networks.

Exceeding your allocated Data Bundle:

The subscriber is responsible for monitoring usage. Exceeding the allocated Data Bundle will incur out of bundle charges as per the ruling rates.
Such Out of Bundle usage will be calculated during the month following the usage and included with the invoice for the following month.
Hard Capped accounts will be cut once the data allocation has been depleted BUT, it is NOT guaranteed.  Clients may top up data via the online application form or request by email to accounts@153.co.za
For the SoftCap accounts, it is VERY IMPORTANT to note that:   Over usage will be billed @ R25/GB  or a Top Up bundle may be purchased at the ruling rates.
The user of a SoftCap account by signing up on this website, expressively give 153 Mobile hereby instruction to allow such an account to continue supplying data at R25 per GB or part thereof once the Cap is reached. This is referred to as Out Of Bundle data.

Special conditions relating to BOOM products and the usage of RAIN sim cards

Uncapped RAIN sim cards function from 11 pm to 6 pm the next day. This is a period of 19 hours. The period of 6 pm to 11 pm ( 5 hours Prime Time ) is NOT part of the UNCAPPED data. During this period of Prime Time, the cost of data is R75/GB and the client agrees that, should he/she use the RAIN sim card between 6 pm and 11 pm, it will attract a cost of R75/GB. The user hereby agrees that he/she is liable for any such costs incurred by using the RAIN sim card between 6 pm and 11 pm.
The user of a RAIN sim card, by signing up on this website, expressively give 153 Mobile hereby instruction to allow such an account to continue supplying data  during the peak times of 6pm to 11pm, at R75 per GB or part thereof

Hardware Setup and configuration:

Where a subscriber wishes to use his/her own hardware/router/modem, it remains the sole responsibility of the subscriber to ensure that such devices are correctly configured and in working order.  153 Mobile cannot be held responsible for the setup or configuration of such devices and the client expressly indemnifies 153 Mobile (Pty) Ltd from any responsibility in this regard. When attempting to use an APPLE product to create a HotSpot for Wi-Fi connections, the Telkom sim will NOT allow this.

Inception and Delivery Dates: IMPORTANT – READ THIS CAREFULLY

The inception date will be a date during the month indicated and selected by the applicant/subscriber on the application form. The full subscription will be due for the month in which the sim card activation takes place regardless of the day of the month. There is no pro-rata billing available as all the data associated with the sim card is automatically loaded at the time of activation. Unused data expires at month end unless expressly indicated.

Once an order has been received, all the supporting documents are in place and payment is confirmed (via proof of payment sent to account@153.co.za), 153 Mobile requires a minimum of 48 workday hours to provision the sim card. Shipping via courier service will be arranged after the sim card is provisioned. Although this is the standard operational requirements, some delays in the availability of physical sim cards may be experienced and the subscriber agrees that 153 Mobile will not and cannot be held responsible for such delays in any form or manner. Delivery failure due to the unavailability of the recipient at the indicated delivery address will result in the subscriber having to contact the courier company directly to make suitable arrangement for delivery during Mondays to Fridays 8am to 5pm. Any additional cost incurred due to this failed delivery will be for the account of the subscriber. A Courier fee of R100 is applicable to main cities and up to R350 to outer-lying areas.


Please tick the appropriate box on the sign-up form (on-line application form) , indicating that you fully understand all the terms and conditions above as well as the questions and answers on the FAQ page of this website The subscriber furthermore agree that no promises or representation are of any force or effect other than those contained herein, appearing on the sign-up form and you accept this document as well as the FAQ on this website as binding and integral part of your agreement.

Additional documents required
. (RICA requirements can be seen below)

  • Is the Subscriber an individual? Provide a (1) copy of their ID and (2) copy of bank statement first page only.(3) Proof of residence if your address is not shown on the bank statement.
  • Is the Subscriber a company? Supply (1) a copy of ID and (2) Company letter stating approval of signatory to take up this offer. Signed by Director(s) + (3) Company Registration documents.(4) Copy of bank statement of the company.

“IF YOUR DELIVERY ADDRESS IS DIFFERENT FROM THE ADDRESS ABOVE”, Please complete the section provided in the sign-up form, failing this may cause delays in delivery of your “already activated” sim card (and hardware).

Relevant documents should be emailed asap to the address below.
We will NOT be able to complete your order without them!   >> 
accounts@153.co.za  <<

IN ADDITION: Please keep copies of the above documents handy as it will be required by the Couriers who will do the physical RICA process and return the copies to us.

At its sole discretion 153 Deconstructed Trading (Pty) Ltd reserves the right to amend these terms and/or agreement giving the subscriber 1 month notice and decline any application without obligation to furnish reasons.

Identity Verification Requirements (RICA)

By accepting the Terms and Conditions for RICA you undertake to inform any persons that the purchase is intended for of the Terms and Conditions herein and their responsibilities in terms of the RICA Act.

All Data products are subject to RICA verification, as stipulated by law (Regulation of Interception of Communication Act of 2008). Clients are required to produce a legible copy of their valid Identity Document or Passport and proof of residential address. Non-South African citizens may submit a copy of their valid Passport. Verification documents must contain photo identification and must be a barcoded form of identification. Failure to produce the required aforementioned information will result in the product not being activated, regardless of any amounts billed.

Delivery of the data product will not take place if the required documentation is not produced and successfully verified. RICA verification must be done in person, for each new purchase of a data product regardless of whether the person/s has been RICA’ d previously. The drivers of the courier service used by 153 Mobile are RICA agents and will RICA the user upon delivery of the order. The person who will use the SIM is the person who will be vetted and must therefore be available to accept delivery. Under no circumstances will someone else be able to accept delivery on behalf of the user. Should the order be for business purposes an authorized representative for the business must be available to accept delivery and be vetted in his/her own capacity on behalf of the business. Clients will be required in terms of the Act to keep their physical address updated with 153 Mobile for a period of five (5) years from the date of purchase. The RICA verification for individuals younger than 18 years of age must be performed by their Legal Guardian on their behalf.


The following documentation together with legible copies thereof will be required for the RICA verification; the copies will be retained by the person delivering your RICA product:

For a Natural Person:

  • Proof of Identification
  • Proof of Physical Address (Home Address)

For a Business:

  • Proof of Company Details
  • Proof of Company Address
  • Proof of physical home address of company representative
  • Proof of Identity for the representative
  • Letter authorising selected representative to act as representative on behalf of the business

The following documents are accepted for verification purposes for RICA:

Identity Verification (Natural Persons and Company Representative):

  • Green bar-coded South African ID book
  • Valid temporary ID issued by Home Affairs
  • Valid South African passport
  • New bar-coded ID cards
  • For Non-South African citizens – Passport or valid VISA / permit

Proof of Physical Address (Natural Persons, Businesses and Company Representatives):

  • Lease Agreement (not older than 12 months)
  • Municipal Account (not older than 3 months)
  • TV License (not older than 12 months)
  • Telephone Account (not older than 3 months)
  • Bank Statement (not older than 3 months)
  • Retail account which is delivered to that address on a regular basis (not older than 3 months)

Company Detail Verification (Businesses):

  • Company registration documents
  • Tax Clearance Certificate
  • SARS registration documents, or
  • Any other Government issued documents containing the Company details

Events Wi-Fi

Temporary Internet Access for Commercial applications and Emergency deployment solutions.

The solution consists of:

Complete Solution in a box – Simple “Plug & Play” deployment
[Secure Internet Access (SIA – industry-standard solution]

Latest B818 Data Router with MIMO (Multiple In Multiple Out)
The Selected number of Wi-Fi Mesh RANGE EXTENDER NODES
(Seamless hand over between Nodes – with MIMO )
External Booster Antenna on Tripod Stand
Extention power cables and power adaptors


—- 3 Node rental — R3500 per day
—- 4 Node rental — R4500 per day
—- 5 Node rental — R5500 per day

Contract Options:
Rent contact 5 days a month minimum commitment
6 months contract — 10% Discount on monthly Rental
12 months contract — 20% Discount on monthly Rental

Benefits of contract:
* 100% guarantee of availability
* 10%/20% discount on Rental invoice


Select from www.153.co.za – consult with us before you make this decision.

4G/LTE — Telkom/Vodacom SoftCap options as per website
4G/LTE –  MTN HardCap options as per website – Used as Emergency SIM


Refundable Deposits.
3 Node package               R10,000
4 Node package               R12,500
5 Node package               R15,000


Courier there and back – requires a separate quote.


Rental and deposits are payable on invoice in advance.
Extended stays payable on invoice at return of package
Banking details will appear on invoices.
(Deposits may be used to offset invoices on rental AND Data)

Refundable Deposits. (May be used off-set outstanding balances)
3 Node package               R10,000
4 Node package               R12,500
5 Node package               R15,000

Courier / Pick-Up

For clarity – this also refers to the term/duration of the deployment and use of the solution.
Where Couriers are arranged by us, the Pick-up address and contact details there must be clearly indicated on application and access and availability to the premises must be effortless for the courier company to avoid COSTLY delays..
Allowance for 1 workday before and 1 workday after event booking dates are provided but strictly adhered to and stipulated as functioning ONLY during Week Days and during Working Hours ( 9am – 4.30pm )
Additional Rental costs will be incurred for any days not provided in the above allowances. This is a strictly applied condition.
No shipping or release of equipment can be done without proof of payment and clearance of funds in our bank.

End-user to ensure the supplied kit is comprehensively insured.
Protection against power surges must be installed by the user
(lightning damage, power fluctuations, etc)
Any damages and or equipment missing from the supplied product may be recuperated from deposits and should that not be sufficient, a cash-on-demand invoice will be issued for payment.

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