Uncapped Plus

Welcome to: UNCAPPED Plus

Available LTE solutions on:
* Telkom with roaming to Vodacom
MTN network  (Not Fixed Wireless, use anywhere!)

This product is placed as an upgrade to conventional Uncapped products.

Please be aware that the word UNCAPPED implies that the CAP (the point at which your data limit is reached), is removed. There will be Terms and Conditions as to how the data will be supplied thereafter! (i.e. subject to a Fair Usage Policy etc)
Therefore there is a difference between Uncapped and UNLIMITED!

As we believe that the Uncapped products offered in the market have a few drawbacks and characteristics which may not suit the more sophisticated or demanding users, we have constructed a product that DOES NOT HAVE A CAP in the true sense of the word.
With this product your use is unrestricted, however, there is a small surcharge to Retaining your Speed which obviously is most important.

Wait, please let me explain…

Conventional Uncapped LTE products (not FIBRE products) have what is called a FUP (Fair Usage Policy). This is simply a limit after which your speed is greatly reduced, often lowered to a speed that only allows some email and WhatsApp!
Regrettably, halfway through the month your speed may be reduced making your Internet virtually unusable, and enforcing you to wait until the following month before your speed is once again restored…..
This is NOT what we have in mind with our product!


So, how does our product differ?

By means of an example – A family decides to sign up for a conventional LTE Uncapped with one of the Service Providers and will pay in the region of say R850pm. The real need of the family is around 60GB of data per month — but they are happy as they never get throttled or seen as a “super user” because they will not reach the limits set by the FUP of the provider.
However, with our product they could have opted for our Uncapped Plus LTE 80 ( 80GB of data ) at R599pm. If they exceed the 80GB, they will get billed at R15/GB but Retain their speed!  — Should they perhaps go over by say, 10GB, this will result in an additional R150 making the total for that month R599 + R150 = R 749 – about a saving of R100. However… if they stay within the normal usage pattern over a longer period they would have saved a handsome R 250 per month!


This product – UNCAPPED Plus, is an opportunity for all Internet Data users to fine-tune the solution they require and enjoy all the usable benefits it offers!
Even high-end users find the tremendous benefits of this product far outweigh the cost.
We have many business clients that prefer this product to anything else they have tried.
More robust products like Business Fibre, Air Fibre etc will be quite a bit more expensive and offer but a few additional benefits which are not normally required.

Please do have a good look around and let us know if you have any questions

Contact: 153 Mobile
email: [email protected]
All hours number: 083 963 1238

Lets Compare:

Benefits of UNCAPPED  Plus



Telkom & Vodacom on the same sim (Dual Network) AND on MTN
Sliding scale price starts at R399 pm vs R980pm
No installation required – sim based
No contract – can use own router/phone
No Speed limit -Speed up to 90Mbps vs 4Mbps or 10Mbps
NO FUP – Continues at same speeds – We do NOT restrict speed at all.
Great speed – fewer users share
Month to Month 
NO Credit Checks 
Great service – Talk with us directly 24/7
Personal service – our 153 Mobile Team know our clients by their 1st name.
Check Hello Peter – No complaints