LTE — Can It be made better?

LTE Connections

Title:      Better and Faster Wi-Fi, … Can this be done?

OH YES, there are a few things that can be done to:
* Stabilise your Wi-Fi
* Get faster speeds
* Share your connection to multiple users without impacting on end-user speed

Understanding Some Basic Stuff

It is important to consider that there ate TWO components of your Wi-Fi (LTE) to consider namely:

1. The connection from your ROUTER to the local Network Provider
(MTN, Vodacom etc). (WAN – Wide area Network)

2. The connection between your ROUTER and the devices you allow to Share the
(LAN – Local area Network)

Let’s look at    WAN    The connection between the ROUTER and the Tower

Yes, it is correct that this signal should be as strong as possible (Three bars out of Five if possible).
But there is yet FOUR more (actually quite a few, but for now, let’s look at the stuff we can do something about ok?) things that we need to consider namely:

Your Network:
It may be obvious BUT, consider using a different Network.
Your MTN signal may be weak but have you tried Vodacom etc.?
(We at 153 Mobile offer a unique Telkom SIM that has the ability to connect to either, Telkom Towers or can Roam ( no extra cost) to Vodacom LTE. Feel free to talk to us about this!—http://www.153.co.za – Brits 0839631238 all hours and weekends)

The ability of the ROUTER:
For ease of explanation: — The connection of your ROUTER to the Tower can be seen as a single road that carries the Data Traffic to and from the Tower. Imagine if you had 4 ROUTERS and was able to join them together? – YES, you will have LESS CONGESTION and thus better performance/speed!
Enter the Latest ROUTERS with MIMO ( Multiple In Multiple Out ) — Arriving mid-Feb the Huawei B818 will have this ability. Actually, 8 channels (It’s like having 8 ROUTERS bundled together!). Will it be expensive? – Yes, about R3600 but it will change your Internet experience dramatically!

The location of the ROUTER
So, it is also correct to consider that the signal between your ROUTER and the Tower should be as strong as possible. If you are getting 1 or 2 bars (out of a possible 5), there are two things that may indeed assist…

  • Move the ROUTER around the premises to see if you can get a better connection – ideally 4 or 5 bars (out of a possible 5 bars)
  • Consider an External Antenna.
    Here you have to be careful. It is vitally important that you ensure that your ROUTER has the ability to connect to external Antenna ( If you are using a phone to set up a Hot Spot – Wi-Fi), it may not be possible at all.
    Such an Antenna normally comes with at least 10meters of cable and… the correct connections to your ROUTER if you stipulate the ROUTER on ordering/purchasing the Antenna. Installation is easy and does not normally require a technician. Install on the wall or bracket with pipe and adjust till the best signal is obtained. The Antenna should also be MIMO – Generally, the cost should run at about R1500 to R2000.
    Will this work – YES absolutely. However, if you already have a strong signal of 4 or 5 bars, don’t bother, it may make a difference but it’s an expensive item that may only make a small difference to an already strong signal.

Let’s look at    LAN    — The connection between the ROUTER and the USERS

Please bear with me here…
Imagine a restaurant. The Kitchen (ROUTER) serves Data to, let’s say 5 Tables (Users connected to the ROUTER).
Now, imagine that there is ONLY One Waiter… Then it is clear that this “Waiter” can only service ONE table at a time yes?  –
With almost 100% of ROUTERS, this is the case. They do not have the ability to do SIMULTANEOUS supply to all the Users on the LAN network.
Let me quickly say that this One Waiter is quick, really quick, and only struggles a bit if the Tables have Big Orders ( Streaming and sending/receiving large files )
What do we need?
Yep, more “Waiters”.
Enter NEW TECHNOLOGY known as MIMO ( Multiple IN Multiple Out)
Once again, new Huawei B818 ROUTERS can facilitate this a kazillion times better than current ROUTERS. LOTS OF WAITERS! (Simultaneous connections)
Will this new ROUTER make a difference? – Well, if the family is streaming Netflix, your son trying to play on his XBOX will have a ball!


You may consider our Data Solutions at www.153.co.za.
Uncapped (SoftCap options) where you select your expected usage (Can get nice and cheap doing it this way) and, should you exceed this “Cap”… Instead of being throttled, you merely pay a small cost per Gig for the extra you used –  ( R15/GB Telkom/Vodacom )
Benefits: —–
(1) Retain Speed all the time
(2) Cheaper entry-level
(3) Get ALL the speed that the network/your router can deliver – HUGELY more than so-called Uncapped solutions.
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